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Google's chatbot wants to make travel planning, etc. easier: Day Ticket

Google's chatbot wants to make travel planning, etc. easier: Day Ticket

Google's AI-powered Gemini chatbot can now be linked to other Google apps and services like Maps, YouTube, Google Drive or Gmail. For example, a chatbot should provide better support when planning trips, as Google explains using the following three examples:

  • You've exchanged dates and trip ideas with friends via email, now have Gemini evaluate your email history to see which travel dates work for everyone – using an input command (“prompt”) like 'View all my emails xx, xy and xz and let me know in Which periods we don't all have appointments for.”
  • Based on appointments stored in Gmail, the bot can find suitable flights or hotels using Google Flights & Hotels search.
  • If you create a travel itinerary with the bot, you can export it as a spreadsheet in Google Docs and share it with your fellow travelers.

The prerequisite for all this: users must consent to Gemini's access to the applications and services in question. You can revoke your consent at any time through the data protection settings in your Google Account.

The additions should also be useful in other everyday scenarios, Google writes: For example, when working on a collaborative project in a Google Doc. The chatbot can summarize the feedback and then send an email to all project staff with next steps.

Another application example: You could let the bot search for YouTube tutorial videos on a topic and concisely summarize the basic content in writing. (dpa)

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