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Gordon Kuklock and Christoph Bogner

Gordon Kuklock and Christoph Bogner

We invited two experts who have been working in the field of Internet marketing and paid advertising for many years. We speak to Gordon Kuckluck, who specializes in Google and Youtube ads since 2017, and Christoph Bogner, who works as an expert on online stores and paid advertising and can glean strategic recommendations for action from the numbers behind campaigns.

In the interview, we will discuss what makes Google Ads different from Social Media Ads, who is the target audience for Google Ads, and what advantage Google Ads have over SEO. We look forward to an exciting discussion!

Gordon Kuklock: A question that amounts to stinging a wasp’s nest – because we are, of course, “Team Google” 😀

First of all: social media advertising has a right to exist. and what! Nothing against meta ads on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing against TikTok ads and whatever the platforms are called. In our opinion, they are an essential part of a good marketing mix!

But there is a big, crucial difference between all of these platforms and Google: data.

While all of these other platforms are more or less one app (well, Meta now combines Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, so it’s about 3 apps), Google is pretty much the entire internet 🙈

Google includes services and networks such as (This is not an exhaustive list!):

  • google search
  • google shopping
  • Gmail (i.e. communicate via email)
  • YouTube is the #1 video platform and the second largest search engine after Google search
  • Google Maps
  • Google Playstore and in general the whole range of Google and Android smartphones
  • Google Analytics as the ultimate website analysis tool
  • And don’t forget: the Google Chrome browser that measures internet usage behaviour.

So, Google has a lot of data collected to be able to get a comprehensive picture of us as users – which is rather scary.

What will I get? targeting. Choosing and “meeting” just the right audience at the right time. This works better, more stable and more predictable with Google Ads than any other ad platform in the world.

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In addition, the digital world is becoming increasingly complex. More and more Internet-enabled peripherals, browser versions and applications, and the resulting more diverse and increasingly difficult to understand customer journeys are paving the way for artificial intelligence (AI). Again, Google is way ahead. Only with the support of artificial intelligence can it be easily scaled to a daily budget of several thousand euros without a decrease in performance.

We’ve only experienced this consistently with several customers at Google. Google is just a force there.

Such scaling of consistently high ad budgets only works in the Meta for Blackweek or in Q4, for example, temporarily limited. And even then, as a rule, only through very high personnel costs, corresponding monitoring and constant adjustment of the fine.

However, the much larger database that Google has access to compared to social media platforms is only one aspect. Another would be Ad Fatigue. This is much larger and achieved faster on Facebook. Users lack intent. Advertising works in the classic way Drive the principle of marketing: the user “puts the advertisement in front of his nose” without looking for it.

Especially with high budgets, ads like this burn out quickly. Most of the people in the target audience have seen the ad. Ads are starting to annoy people. Something new is needed.

Since Google (especially in search, but also on YouTube, for example) often has intent on the user side, we see this ad fatigue less on Google. Users of Google and YouTube intentionally visit or use these platforms. They are pursuing a specific goal. you have intention.

Our ads don’t appear ‘spam’, but they do appear to exactly the right target group at the exact right moment – i.e. when a person is in our target group active busy with our topic, for example b. Typing something into a Google search.

Our ads are less likely to “disturb” (when done well). It also happens, of course. Especially with higher budgets. But new advertising media need not be created as often as in the field of social media advertising.

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Who is your target group?

Christopher Bogner: Anyone who relies on contact requests or contact addresses (leads) in their business has come to the right place. We’ve been successfully generating leads via Google Ads and YouTube since 2017 and can look back on so much experience and great customer results over that time! Professionals, lawyers, doctors, trainers and providers of digital information products are most welcome.

On the other hand, we love advertising online stores on Google and YouTube. So if you are in the e-commerce business and want to generate more sales while maintaining a certain target ROAS, you have come to the right place.

What is the advantage of ads over search engine optimization?

Gordon Kuklock: SEO vs. SEA It’s old hat. We are not friends to stir up the “enemy image” here. We are not saying that Google Ads is good and search engine optimization is bad. Instead, we see strong synergistic effects.

But when it comes to the question of the advantages of Google Ads, speed should be mentioned first and foremost. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) works almost instantly, at the push of a button. You run your campaigns and get the first results instantly. You are instantly at the top of the rankings, usually higher than the organic results. You don’t have to wait long like in the case of SEO.

This also allows you to run tests and make improvements faster. Because the traffic there you need to get meaningful results.

On the other hand, SEO rankings are usually more sustainable. Because if you turn off your advertising campaign, your clicks and results will immediately dry up. You’re done, you’re done. Organic rankings via search engine optimization usually remain more stable and long term – once achieved.

In short, I would like to say: You can achieve scale and rapid growth with Google Ads. This is an advantage over search engine optimization.

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If I run Google ads, can I do without SEO?

Christopher Bogner: no. No way. Yes, we even claim that there are synergistic effects between SEO and SEA.

First of all, while Google Ads gives you results almost instantly once you launch your campaign, SEO takes a relatively long time to bring you clicks and visitors.

On the other hand, your clicks and visitors to Google Ads will disappear again once you stop your campaign. This is not the case with SEO. Once you have certain rankings that bring you clicks and visitors, those results usually stay with you for a long time.

For your company or offer to be positioned in a strong position, you need a healthy marketing mix. Google Ads and search engine optimization are definitely a part of it!

Who is Google Ads suitable for?

Christopher Bogner: In our view, Google Ads is an essential part of a healthy marketing mix. Because even if the Google Search Network only makes sense if there is a certain search volume for your topic, Google Ads delivers a lot more through the Display Network, the Video Network (YouTube), or Google Shopping. In fact, there is something for every company and goal

Thank you for this interview.

Gordon Klock

Google Ads expert Gordon Kucklock

Gordon Kuckluck has been in the internet marketing business for over 14 years. Since 2017 he has specialized in paid advertising, including all four Google ad networks (Search Network, Display Network, Shopping Network and Video About YouTube). It is mainly responsible for acquisition.

Christopher Bogner

Christoph Bogner, YouTube advertising expert

Christoph Bogner has been an expert in online stores and paid advertising for over 4 years. He reads the numbers behind campaigns like no other and knows how to deftly elicit strategic recommendations to act from. It is mainly responsible for operational customer business. You can find more information on their website Vantage ads.