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PolySpectra launches free AI-powered 3D design platform

PolySpectra launches free AI-powered 3D design platform

Company Poly Spectra has with ““Introduced a new software for creating 3D CAD models. According to the company, the AI-powered generative design platform aims to make the creation of 3D objects accessible to a wider target group.

Using an easy-to-use interface, allows users to specify simple specifications for a 3D model, and the AI ​​software then creates corresponding designs. The integration of augmented reality also allows for realistic previews of models. After creation, objects in the design can be manually modified or shared with other users. Files can be downloaded in STL or GLTF format.

According to PoySpectra, stands out above all for its flexible adaptability and seamless transition from the digital world to the real world. Using the “Make It Real” function, 3D models designed from PolySpectra can be ordered with just one click and then physically printed.

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