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Gran Turismo Sport: Racer is disappearing from the PlayStation Store

Gran Turismo Sport: Racer is disappearing from the PlayStation Store

The Gran Turismo racing game series is particularly popular on PlayStation – and in the PS4 era, Gran Turismo Sport, among other games, has created a sensation. However, now the game has suddenly been withdrawn from sale.

This happened suddenly shortly after the turn of the year: Gran Turismo Sport was removed from the PlayStation Store and could no longer be purchased. There has been no prior announcement regarding the PS4 exclusive racer.

The sales pause is likely to come in anticipation of the imminent shutdown of the game's online servers – a move that was announced last year. As of January 31, 2024, the servers will no longer be accessible over the Internet. However, Gran Turismo Sport relies largely on this online component, and the game loses most of its appeal from then on.

The move to stop sales of the full version may have made sense, but it could have been communicated better. This isn't entirely surprising, as DLC packs and add-ons have already been removed from sale since December 1, 2023. However, it has not yet been known that the entire game will not be listed on the PS Store in the future.

Gran Turismo Sport was released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2017 and received mixed reviews at the time; In general, the title was somewhat lower than the high level achieved by the previous parts of the well-known series. However, the overall perception of the game later improved thanks to all kinds of post-launch updates.

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The fact that the title has now been completely discontinued may be due to Sony's licenses expiring. The game makers are also likely to focus on the newer series, Gran Turismo 7, which has been available since 2022.

Gran Turismo Sport – July 2021 update: Toyota GR 86 21 trailer

Starting tomorrow, July 8, the update to version 1.66 will be available for Gran Turismo Sport.