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Lockin G30 – Nuki replacement smart door lock introduced

Lockin G30 – Nuki replacement smart door lock introduced

When it comes to smart door locks, there are two different approaches. The lock cylinder must either be completely replaced or built over the existing cylinder. In Germany, the second method is better known through nokki. Today we want to give you an alternative to that, the Lockin G30, and take another look at the two different types of smart locks.

Noki, how does that work?

The most widely used smart locks in our country come from Nuki. In fact, Nuki doesn’t offer a smart lock at all, just one An attachment that makes your lock smart. You can imagine this as a remote control for your existing lock cylinder. The Nuki attaches to the inside of your front door right at the keyhole – while the key is inside. Nuki itself is now functional A motor can operate this switch and at the same time interface your smartphoneThrough which you can control your castle. By default this happens over Bluetooth, but if you also want to use WiFi, He needs a bridge for this From Noki. If you don’t always want to operate the lock via your cell phone, you can also purchase a fingerprint sensor and keypad to unlock without a cell phone.

And the alternatives?

First of all, there are alternatives based on exactly the same principle. We’ve got the smart attachment from Switchbot, the SwitchBot Lock in the exam. He cut a good figure there and makes an excellent Nuki replacement for us!

But now on to really different smart locks. The other type of smart lock depends on replacing the lock cylinder. We know such locks from WeLock, for example. Recently we had the WeLock Touch41 in the exam And they were very satisfied. I have been using the Nuki lock accessory for a long time, but after testing the WeLock lock, I got stuck with this – Because it is simply more reliable.

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Wheelock Touch 41 19 1

Installation is easy even for laymen. The lock cylinder, including the rotating handle on the inside and the fingerprint sensor on the outside, is attached to the door with a screw and that’s it. The door can then be unlocked from the outside by placing the right finger on it and then unlocking and unlocking it by manually turning the handle.

Lockin G30 smart lock

But now back to the Nuki-style smart lock accessories. If you’re looking for this type of smart lock but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can currently find it on Geekbuying in the form of the Lockin G30.

View Luckin G30

Luckin G30 at Geekbuying

The Lockin G30 shines with similar power to the Nuki or Switchbot Lock. Smart article will Placed on the lock cylinder from the inside Powered by 4 batteries, the key can then be operated in the lock cylinder. Everything is controlled by you on your cell phone. The Lockin G30 also uses a bridge to connect to the WLAN. This means that you can then use your own lock Alexa or Google Home serves. The built-in door sensor ensures the door is closed It locks automatically when you leave the house.

The Lockin G30 will do just that Directly with the keyboard and fingerprint sensor Delivered. Besides, that is Wi-Fi bridge Included right away, so you’ll get a “worry-free package” lock here. Group costs Currently 200 euros. For comparison, the Nuki All-in-One kit currently costs €420. On the other hand, Switchbot is much cheaper at just under €130, and unlike Lockin, we’ve already tested it. Please leave us a review if you are interested in testing the Lockin G30.