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Grandma orders a Nintendo Switch OLED model, but she gets six!

Grandma orders a Nintendo Switch OLED model, but she gets six!

A grandmother from Arizona (USA) wanted to order a model Nintendo Switch OLED for her grandson. But she got a 6! – (C) Nintendo – DG Photo Montage

Right now it’s really hard Nintendo Switch OLED Model to buy. There are currently some keyboards To buy from, but it may not be long before the display is used again. In Arizona (USA), the novelty managed to get six OLED switches, although it actually ordered only one.

Got a bigger shipment from Target, one of the biggest US retailers Deborah Lewis accidentally the same Six units of console required. She had ordered a console for her grandson. She even tried likening it to taking it back to Target.

Surprise for Grandma Target

Instead of accepting five non-essential Nintendo Switch OLED models, Target employees had a surprise in-store for the 68-year-old grandmother.

Nintendo Switch OLED prototype appeared on October 8, 2021 – (C) Nintendo

“On behalf of Target and their local Target store around the corner, we want them to keep the six consoles and give them to their grandchildren or anyone else,” said Target employee Trent (via

Understandably, the grandmother broke down in tears when she heard the gospel. After all, not all people are as honest as Deborah Lewis from Arizona.

“My heart is feeling so warm right now,” Lewis said.

Nintendo doesn’t just focus on the Switch OLED model

Anyone who thinks that the standard version of the console will be replaced by an OLED model will be disappointed. Compared with the release of the first console, which was modified in 2019, the Nintendo president said Shuntaro FurukawaThe Japanese company does not expect the persistent shortage of semiconductor chips to recover any time soon. And then one becomes that It no longer provides resources for the latest OLED model of the transformer can they This does not slow down the standard and light variants.

It was Nintendo’s original plan, by the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2022) About 30 million Nintendo Switch consoles to produce. Because of the scarcity of semiconductor chips, there only 24 million, about 20 percent less.

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