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Gray hair?  You are missing out on this vital vitamin

Gray hair? You are missing out on this vital vitamin

When it comes to gray hair, opinions often differ widely. Some are happy with silver threads, while others prefer to get rid of them very quickly. Whatever you think: Gray hair belong to The natural aging process to me. Sooner or later, each of us turns gray. Some earlier than others. And it’s not just genes or age that play a role. Because a lack of a certain vitamin can actually speed up the graying of your hair, a study has now found.

Gray hair? You are missing out on this vital vitamin

as part of a study, which was published in the International Medical Journal of Trichology (IJT), examined by Indian experts Causes of premature graying of hair situation. With a surprising result. When we think of gray hair, age and genes come to mind. However, the study showed that people with premature graying of hair also had a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12: tasks and foods

a surprise? hardly study. Vitamin B12 performs many important functions in the body. For example, the vitamin is involved in DNA synthesis, cell division, and hematopoiesis. Moreover, Vitamin B12 is also used to build hormones and neurotransmitters as well Protecting the nerve cords in the spinal cord and brain responsible. So there should not be a deficiency of vitamin B12 under any circumstances. This can have a negative impact on your well-being and health in many ways.


Vitamin B12 deficiency: the most common symptom

If you are deficient in Vitamin B12, not only will gray hair result in gray hair, but the deficiency will also lead to symptoms such as Hair losspoor memory, depressive mood, exhaustionPoor concentration as well as sensory disturbances or headaches.

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