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Great activity in the galleries this Easter

Great activity in the galleries this Easter

The works developed by the artist Antony Gormley over the past two and a half years are currently on display at Salzburg’s Roebuck Gallery at Mirabellplatz – made of rusty steel strip, mostly two objects one on top of the other. The Briton asks where the body begins and where it ends, because the boundaries of the body are missing: “I see my sculptures as a tool through which we become aware of our own movements through time and space,” says Gormley.

Gallery owner Tadeusz Roebuck is enthusiastic: “This is an artist who is constantly reinventing himself, and who also uses every exhibition to add something new to the language he has developed in sculpture.”

Photo series with 6 photos

Illustrations for this year’s Salzburg Summer Festival program and posters are by Anthony Gormley: “I’m really proud, they used some of my previous photos of the program and posters for the entire festival,” says Gormley. “That’s nice, I forgot most of them and now they’re here.”

Icons at the Stadtgalerie, sweaters at the Traklhaus

Ukrainian icons are currently on display in the Stadgalerie on Mozartplatz. Not historical, as might be expected, but current. They come from students of Ukraine’s only iconographic school, from Lviv (Limberg): “Icons, you know for sure, but maybe you don’t even know that it’s a living tradition, that it’s happening now, and that’s what Gabriele Wagner of the Stadtgalerie says,” says Gabriele Wagner of the Stadtgalerie, “taught in Ukraine.” You can study it.”

A few steps away, in the exhibition “Kunst im Traklhaus”, the famous “Vienna blouse” is once again the center of attention. It is newly translated by Austrian fashion designers and fashion students, at the initiative of the Austrian Fashion Council. Handmade blouses from the 19th and 20th centuries are also on display.

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Great activity in the galleries this Easter

Pop-up gallery on Getreidegasse

Loud and colorful works can be found at Reinisch’s pop-up gallery on Getreidegasse – mainly by living local artists: “Artists are often ahead of their time and I think that’s very important and exciting,” says gallery owner Helmut Reinisch. ‘Masterpieces’ – that is, masterpieces – by Arnulf Rainer, Herbert Brandl, Stefan Balkenhol and many others are on display.