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Great Britain struggles with deportations to Rwanda

Great Britain struggles with deportations to Rwanda

TDespite some tailwinds from the courts, the British government feared on Tuesday whether it would be able to transfer the first asylum seekers to Rwanda. A few hours before the first planned flight to Kigali, the number of passengers was reduced to seven. At Westminster, it was understood that these seven, including Iranians, an Iraqi and an Albanian, would legally attempt to prevent a last-minute departure. first Minister Boris Johnson He indicated that the chartered plane would take off even if there was only one asylum seeker on board. At the same time the affected lawyer criticized. They will “help the criminal gangs (smugglers),” he said. In doing so, lawyers “undermine people’s confidence in a secure legal system and their general acceptance of immigration.”

On Monday, the Court of Appeal upheld a ruling by the London High Court on Friday. He saw a “public interest” in the government’s ability to implement immigration control measures. The argument put forward by two refugee organizations and the union of border workers was that the new Asylum policy In contravention of international law and could be stopped by injunction, the judge did not follow. However, the Supreme Court is expected to resolve the case in a major hearing in July. Appeals from affected individuals, who saw that their right to family life had been violated by deportation, were more successful. They are allowed to remain in the kingdom until the courts issue a verdict on a case-by-case basis.

The government has come under political pressure since not only the opposition, but also the United Nations refugee agency and the Anglican Church have criticized the new asylum policy. All 23 bishops represented in the Senate opposed the measures in a speech on Tuesday. “Whether or not the first deportation flight to Rwanda leaves Britain today, this policy shames us all as a nation,” she said. “Our Christian heritage should inspire us to treat asylum seekers with compassion, fairness and justice, as we have done for centuries.”

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Rwanda receives money in exchange for agreements

The government’s reaction was unfazed. “Smugglers who deal with human suffering are unethical in this case,” Secretary of State Liz Truss said. She accused critics of “the lack of an alternative way to deal with illegal immigration and criticizing an effective and effective policy”. Similarly, Johnson said, “We will in no way be deterred or angered by some who criticize our policies, some from unexpected quarters.” This may have been referring to Crown Prince Charles, who in particular described the government’s asylum policy as “repugnant”. . must be appointed.