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Great joy – Kulturbrücke Fratres received the “Maecenas” Audience Award 2023

Great joy – Kulturbrücke Fratres received the “Maecenas” Audience Award 2023

The Austrian Artistic Patronage Awards “Maecenas” were awarded for the 35th time at a ceremony held on March 20 at the Hansen Palace on Ringstrasse in Vienna. This time, Kulturbrücke Fratres received the “Ö1 Audience Award 2023” (main prize). Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kulturbrücke, Karl Kremser, accepted the statue created by artist Christian Kvasnica from the hands of Silvia Lanner, Head of the Ö1 Culture Department and interim head of the entire Ö1 Radio since 2022.

The two Merit Awards in this category went to the Schrems Kunstmuseum Waldviertel, represented by Ruth Schrimmer, for “30 Years of Leadership in Art and Culture in Waldviertel,” and to Harald David for “Kunstraum David” and “Fit for Life – Literature Award for Addicts.” In Vienna, the event was moderated by ORF lady Nadia Mader.

Kulturbrücke was founded in 1995 by Peter Kureth

The Vratice Cultural Bridge has been running a forum for intercultural dialogue and artistic intersection in the border region of North Waldviertel since 1995. The idea of ​​building bridges and crossing borders was initially associated with the development of a new territory with the Czech Republic, and has long gained a greater frame of reference. The old estate in Fratres is a venue for sophisticated summer events.

The Maecenas Ö1 Audience Prize was awarded to the Kulturbrücke Fratres, whose president Karl Kremser (right) accepted the statuette from the hands of Silvia Lanner (second from right), Head of the Ö1 Culture Department. Awards of appreciation went to the Waldviertel Art Museum in Schrems, represented by Ruth Schrimmer (left), as well as to Harald David (second from left) for the Kunström David Prize and the “Fit for Life” Prize – the Literary Prize for Addicts in Vienna.

Monica Frizzle

With the support of sponsors, music, dance, literature, fine arts, architecture, film and the humanities form an exciting mix. Partnerships between culture and business make possible complex and meaningful cultural work at Fratres that is as original as it is forward-looking. The Fratres Cultural Bridge is a world-famous and award-winning experience. It forms a counterpoint to countless scenes of the zeitgeist and is a focal point for art lovers.

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Over 5,400 projects submitted over 35 years

Brigitte Kosner Skov, Director General of the Independent Economic Commission “Economy for Art Initiatives”, commented on the positive development of private cultural financing in Austria: “Consistent partnerships between the business and art sectors as well as the special experiential dimensions of cultural events are important.” It has become increasingly important in times of special challenges and characterizes the diverse activities of Austrian entrepreneurs and cultural service providers in the field of private cultural financing.

“More than 5,400 projects submitted over 35 years, including more than 800 submitted in the past four years, impressively document Austria’s diverse artistic and cultural patronage activities.”

Kulturbrücke founder, Peter Kureth, uses the award as an opportunity to thank all sponsors for their generous support and the team for their years of commitment to Kulturbrücke.