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Greencare is the highest: special award in the State Marketing Award

Greencare is the highest: special award in the State Marketing Award

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Other highlights of sustainable marketing include: the association’s activities.”we For green care “It was awarded twice within two weeks.

After the initiative had already won third place in the Green Marketing Award in the “Be Social” category, it has now won the Special Jury Prize in the “Sustainability” category in the State Marketing Award.

The jury statement said:

Maria Hochelformer Kelly's Marketing Director and Marketer of the Year, and Chair of the Board of Directors of “we For Green Care” he enthused: “I am very happy that we have already received two awards in such a short time. Thank you, Dieter Klein, Andreas Spielvogel and Sandra Hoogendorfer – you and your team have made a huge contribution, for free, for a good cause.

The heart of the award-winning campaign is an emotional film, designed by Andreas Spielvogel (DDB) and Dieter Klein (ppm). The film conveys the complex topic of green care in a poignant and easy-to-understand way.

the Union “we For Green Care – Where People Thrive, Agriculture Has a Future” to attract donors, sponsors and partners to financially support Green Care. With the aim of enhancing social services on farms, the initiative contributes significantly to sustainability and social responsibility in agriculture.

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