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Greenice Symphonic: All good things come in threes - and it's not over yet

Greenice Symphonic: All good things come in threes – and it’s not over yet

For a third time, Fabian Grones, pseudonym Greenwich and Norbert Hebertinger, have brought “the best of both worlds” to the stage with the Labor Party Art Orchestra – but for the first time in the region’s capital.

churches. 40 professional musicians, Grinns and last but not least, Norbert Hebertinger have provided their dance music since then and now. Hermann Miesbauer arranged the pieces with an incredible sense of commonality between classic and modern, and this remarkable realization by Hebertinger and Greenice was brought to the public’s attention.
The show included Love Gone by Slander, Happier by Marshmello & Bastille and of course a variety of well-known Greenice songs – like Better without you, You’re a Star and Take Me Higher.

Starry moment in the evening

Certainly one of the great moments of the evening is Beethoven’s return – in the Greenice Symphonic edition. An interesting reaction to Still DRE by Dr. Dre and Beethoven “For Elise”. This piece accurately began with Für Elise’s piano solos and slipped into the grand finale for orchestras and DJs with piano chords known to Still Dre. Intermittent applause from the audience after the piano solo and even during the piece indicated that the spark had jumped.

In “Save the World” and “Waiting for Love” Manuel Urbina was inspired by his multifaceted voice.
Melanie C, who, by the way, skillfully hosted the evening, caused chills with her voice at Titanium and L’amour toujours, among others.
With Paris by The Chainsmokers, Greenice sang a duet with Melanie See and provided the highlight of the evening.

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After that, there were clubs with DJs from the region – everyone lives in a radius of 20 kilometers from Grieskirchen. Hunters and Gatherers, Lemoris, Mario Valley, Greenice, Tim Tailor and ND x JBeatz provided just the right beat. It’s amazing how music from the ’80s found its way back into DJs, ie Abba and The Weather Girls mixed with Raining Man – and there was strong singing and dancing. Thanks to Tik Tok, the younger generation has become familiar with the music of the past and has jumped into their hearts. Once again, the best of both worlds combined – Fabian Grones as the organizer with his countless silent lieutenants, showed how to bridge the gap between classic and modern.