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Grizzly killed Camber in America: Bear is about to be shot now

Chrysalis was once extinct and has been in the United States since 1975.

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Big Sky – A Grizzly Bear strikes and injures a female camper in northwestern America. The animal, weighing about 180 kilograms, was dragged out of its tent at night by a 65-year-old small town in Owando, according to the Montana State Wildlife and Zoo Administration (FWP).

FWP spokesman Greg Lemon said the bear was now being hunted and shot. Grizzly’s aggressive behavior is not normal. However, the search failed until Thursday evening (local time), according to local media reports.

The sheriff said the victim, a retired nurse from California, had been riding a long bike with her sister and friend. The attack took place on Tuesday night while the trio were staying in Owando.

According to the park administration, the camps were first aroused by the sound of bears. Then they took the food out of the tents and put it somewhere safe. Grizzly then disappeared.

About half an hour later, he turned and attacked the woman who was sleeping alone in the tent. His comrades were able to chase the animal away with bear spray, but the 65-year-old died when he was seriously injured.

“This is not normal bear behavior,” Lemon said. Animals are usually only very aggressive when protecting food or children. That’s why permission was granted to shoot Grizzly. Camps in the area were closed until Sunday.

Traps were set in the bear hunt, Lemon said. Sometimes a helicopter was also used. With less than 100 people, Owondo is a popular transportation destination for day trippers. It is located in an area of ​​extensive forest near the Glacier National Park. 1,000 bears live in the area.

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Chrysalis was once extinct and has been in the United States since 1975. The last time a bear attack occurred was in April. (What)