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Taliban demand release of US reserves

The extremist Islamist Taliban have urged the United States to release reserves from the Central Bank of Afghanistan. Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement has told the US Congress that freezing assets in Afghanistan will not solve the problem and will not be needed by the American people. Therefore, Washington must release reserves.

At the same time, Muttaki warned of mass migration in the region and the negative impact on education and health care in the country.

When the Taliban seized military power in mid-August, most aid to Afghanistan was cut off. The country’s central bank holds about $ 9 billion, most of which is frozen in the United States.

NGOs see a serious humanitarian crisis

Prior to that, the Kabul government received $ 8.5 billion in annual military and civilian aid, according to a report by the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a think tank in Kabul. It accounts for 75 percent of public spending.

The previously weakened economy is then in the throes of independence. According to aid organizations, a serious humanitarian crisis is developing in the country. Drought and the coming winter and rising prices are exacerbating the situation.

By November, the United Nations had warned that more than half of the population would not be eating enough. So far no country in the world has recognized the Taliban government.

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