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GTA 6 could become the most expensive game production ever

GTA 6 could become the most expensive game production ever

from Sarah Petzold
GTA 6 will cost a lot of money – this should be clear to every fan. A leak now shows how much money Take-Two and Rockstar Games will actually have to spend on production.

With Rockstar keeping a low profile for months aside from a public announcement of GTA 6, we know almost nothing about the sequel to one of the most successful open-world games of all time. Regardless, what has long been certain: Rockstar and Take-Two will spend a lot of money on producing GTA 6 – and the title could become the most expensive video game of all time.

The huge game world and first-class cast gobble up large amounts of money

Techpowerup’s editors agree with Dexerto that the development of GTA 6

It is also said that Rockstar is planning to release GTA 6 on different platforms, so it is likely to be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5 and possibly other consoles. Measured by the amount of revenue Rockstar generated from GTA Online, fans and experts also believe that GTA 6 will also have a strong online component.

If GTA 6 really becomes the most expensive game project of all time, then Rockstar will have every reason to generate enough sales with the corresponding additional content. Judging by the success of GTA 5, however, it shouldn’t be a problem to offset its colossal production costs many times over – after all, according to Take-Two, GTA 5 brought in nearly $8 million in sales.

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