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GTA 6: Police with radio stations – fans want to hear about their crimes in the car

GTA 6: Police with radio stations – fans want to hear about their crimes in the car

After Rockstar Games remained silent about GTA 6, the fans simply put together the sequel themselves. They have a special request for radio stations.

Hamburg – In GTA 5, radio stations are an integral part of the game. Whether you’re zipping through Los Santos or San Andreas in a luxury car, the radio is on. There is not only musical accompaniment, but also various talk shows. GTA 6 fans now have a special request. For Los Santos FM and its ilk, Police Radio is, of all things, set to become a competitor.

The name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Version (date first published) TBD
Publishers rock games
series grand theft auto
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (unconfirmed)
Developer Rockstar North
Type Open world, action and adventure

GTA: Radio concept inspires fans – the police are always one step ahead

the wish: Wild theories about the next Rockstar game abound on the GTA 6 Reddit forum. After Mega Leak 2022, the discoveries from over 90 videos are discussed over and over again. However, many users simply express their wishes in the game. And one of them concerns radio stations. Musical accompaniment will definitely return in GTA 6. Fans already know what they’d like to hear.

GTA 6: Police with radio stations – fans want to hear about their crimes in the car

© unplash / Rockstar Games (montage)

In her opinion, this time there should also be a station that handles live reporting to the police. One Reddit user wishes he could follow his crimes live on the radio. It doesn’t have to be about hacking a police radio, but rather about a professional radio station. This is the post on reddit.

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Some may just want to enjoy their gangster exploits, while others may want to stay one step ahead of the police. Adding such a radio station can certainly provide some interesting game scenes. Until now, you could only access the police radio in parts of the GTA, for example if you stole a car from officers. However, the new idea is about turning the radio station into real-time news.

Radio stations in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 has a total of 17 music channels on next-gen consoles and PC, which together play 402 songs. There are also two radio stations that only talk. In GTA 5, more than 20 hours of music can be heard at a time. Everything in GTA 6 may be crowned with its own police station.

GTA 6 Live Coverage Radio Stations – That’s what the fans say

Comments: Reddit user FennelTop7371 got a lot of cheers for his idea. Some fans brought the whole thing up. A fan has already created images of GTA 6 heroes and inspired the community with many details. These are the comments under the radio station wish.

  • Matyugang: “I’d rather have news helicopters tracking you down. If you can escape, then you can watch the chase on TV.”
  • Gerhoeder: “We need radio news that will point us to the elements of the story.”
  • MKDOOMFULTRA: “It would also be nice if you knew about the crime in the area where you can go next.”

It is not yet known if these ideas will actually be implemented in GTA 6. Rockstar Games has not yet announced any other information about the game. However, the publisher has already revealed a possible release date for GTA 6 and it doesn’t seem like fans have to wait that long.

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Rules list: © unsplash / Rockstar Games (montage)