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Hotfix and Engine Upgrade for the future is a problem

Hotfix and Engine Upgrade for the future is a problem

( New build released mid-week with the BMW M4 GT3 was meanwhile followed by a hotfix by RaceRoom developer KW Studios. Version addresses an issue that could cause a crash when saving hidden files and removes two bugs in the dedicated server area.

RaceRoom is developed by KW Studios

After presenting the highlights and roadmap for 2023 in early May, Jean-Fran├žois Chardon, Head of Studio at KW Studios, spoke to “Traxion” about the future of racing simulations. In order to keep up with the game content that has grown over the years, they are working on a more user-friendly interface and features that are yet to be fully implemented.

We are still looking for support to specifically strengthen the development team, which is approximately 50 people, which includes six permanent staff and relies on several freelancers.

An “engine upgrade” is badly needed.

According to Chardon, RaceRoom needs to “upgrade the engine” in order to exchange the limitations that are endured with current technology for new freedoms in the implementation of one’s ideas.

With the technology currently in use, features such as night racing and dynamic weather had already been tested internally, but ultimately weren’t convincing.

That’s why KW Studios is also evaluating how to extend the current engine or which one to use in the future. According to the Belgian, the greatest need for catching up is found in the field of graphic display, while one is quite satisfied with his driving physics.

Furthermore, the field of racing events will be expanded in regards to rank-based multiplayer events. Sooner or later, RaceRoom will have to make changes from a technological point of view in order for the racing simulator to remain relevant.

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RaceRoom – V0.9.4.76 Changelog:
– Fixed a game crash when trying to save some ghost files. It is possible that users who experienced the crash may have a corrupt .gh (ghost) file in their game folders.
Get rid of .gh files with a timestamp of May 24, 25, or 26 (after this week’s release but before this hotfix) to prevent the game from trying to load again.
These files can be found at My DocumentsMy GamesSimBinRaceRoom Racing ExperienceTimeAttack[TrackName]– Dedicated Server – Fixed ‘Save’ button not showing when changing LiveUpdate interval value only
– Dedicated server – Fixed wrong User ID recording with a value of -1 in the LiveUpdate file.