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GTA 6: The next announcement is supposed to be in May

GTA 6: The next announcement is supposed to be in May

The GTA community has already prepared itself for the fact that there will be no news about the next part of the series in the near future. GTA 6 won't be released until 2025 at the earliest, and there are even rumors of a delay until 2026 (although these rumors are unfounded). So it's surprising that many fans assumed they'd be getting new material for the action adventure next week. We're talking screenshots, cover art, and even a specific release date.

Will Rockstar release new GTA 6 screenshots soon?

This is the background: Some changes were made to the official website, which resourceful fans noticed immediately. Specifically, placeholders for four screenshots have been implemented in both the front-end and back-end of the homepage (via x/twitter And Reddit). There were also categories “Rating” (i.e. age rating) and “Release Date” (publication date). All changes have now been removed or hidden by Rockstar. But what can you take away from the whole thing?

Release next week? Publisher Take-Two will hold a financial meeting on May 16. This has been linked by some fans to changes made to the website – and the assumption is that the meeting will be accompanied by new screenshots and perhaps even a release date. However, this is relatively unlikely. In theory it is still possible to show images to investors, but the release date will never be announced in this context – it is too early to do so anyway.