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WhatsApp ‘Text Message Update’: This is what the ‘Blocked Chats’ folder is all about


Anyone exchanging intimate messages via WhatsApp should be careful not to be seen when they hand over a cell phone. Messenger now has a solution for this.

WhatsApp now allows you to hide private chats from other people’s eyes. (Source: WhatsApp)

  • WhatsApp introduces a new feature called Chat Blocking.
  • You can protect your intimate chats from the prying eyes of others.
  • Chats are sorted into a separate password or fingerprint protected folder.

In the list of chats on WhatsApp, you will soon find a new entry called “Blocked Chats”. Behind this new function through which Messenger wants to give you more privacy for personal conversations in particular.

Chats moved to the folder can only be opened if you allow yourself a PIN or fingerprint. In addition, messages are not displayed in notifications.

How to block chats

According to Messenger, this feature is especially useful for people who share their phones with other family members from time to time, or in situations where someone else is holding onto your phone while a private chat message is coming in.

You can block a chat by clicking on the contact or group name and selecting the “Block” option. In the next few weeks, the feature will be expanded – for example, to create an individual password independent of the device password. If you do not want to use the feature, you can also deactivate “Blocked chats” in the WhatsApp settings.

Also interesting…

According to WhatsApp, the functionality should be available immediately. However, it is not yet found on our devices. It will likely be rolled out gradually, so it may take a few days to weeks before you can access the feature. But you can actually restrict access to WhatsApp yourself using a fingerprint lock.

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