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GTA Online: Rockstar Games releases a new update

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Game developer Rockstar Games has now released a new update for GTA Online with “The Criminal Enterprises”. The update is available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 & 5 as well as Microsoft Xbox Series or Xbox One and PC.

The content includes two new executables to purchase merchandise. These can start from the office. In addition, there is a daily export assignment for mixed goods. Moreover, the newly hired employees can be found in the warehouse to assist in purchasing the merchandise. Manager Lupe analyzes new business areas and creates synergies. With the help of Sindy, the bar can be increased. Motorcycle workshop owners can now pass on their love for motorbikes by modifying motorbikes and delivering them to paying customers. Brand new club missions are also on board.

Nightclub owners have the option to talk to Tony Prince or use the desktop computer to start new club management tasks. It is necessary to take care of the plague of paparazzi as well as remove the troublemakers from the club and take care of the VIPs who are no longer of sound mind. Yohan can be used to purchase merchandise. On top of that, additional supply missions are waiting to fill up player camps. Factor 14 can be used, among other things, to boost vault research. More details can be found about the company’s expansions over here.

The Criminal Enterprises includes a variety of game improvements for GTA Online. Many of the comments that Rockstar Games had about it were implemented Feedback site I have received. One improvement is that business computers are now also available in private sessions. Buying and selling tasks can be started as desired. All Armageddon fans can look forward to the increased rewards in public sessions.

Players can purchase maximum ammo for all weapons at once in the interaction menu. There is also an extensive rebalancing of the economy and payments for various activities in the game. Additionally, the gaming company has revised the Oppressor Mk II’s arsenal and countermeasures. The maximum number of standard properties will be increased from eight to ten. There is additional information about the new GTA Online update over here.

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