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VR Wolvic 1.0 . Browser Released

VR Wolvic 1.0 . Browser Released

Wolvic, the virtual and mixed reality browser, has been released in the latest version 1.0 and it brings some improvements.

Igalia released Wolvic 1.0 version. Wolvic is a virtual and mixed reality browser, which is based on Firefox Reality ceased production Based on. The current version is in Meta Quest Store as well as in Huawei App Gallery We hope you enjoy this show.

Wolvic Innovations 1.0

Wolvic Browser has reached an important stage and was released in the latest version 1.0. Major improvements are in place to improve compatibility with specific VR sites and/or devices.

But there were also functional extensions. There is now a streaming category on the start page, which includes Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix, and more. All these things open automatically in desktop mode because they usually provide a better user experience for these types of websites. Additionally, the start page has been expanded to include filter buttons.

Voice control has been made configurable so that the preferred provider can be used. Available providers depend on the language group.

In addition, Wolvic 1.0 is available in additional languages, which means that it is now available in a total of 21 languages.

More details about what’s new in Wolvic 1.0 can be found at Official Blog.

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