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Gugg’s excellent stand-up comedy

Gugg’s excellent stand-up comedy

Broona. Bernie Wagner comes to Gugg Braunau on Friday, February 3, and presents “Galápagos,” which won the 2022 Austrian Cabaret Award as Best Program.

Many positive votes can be found about Wagner’s individual programme. Ö1, for example, says it disguises its “smart sense of humor and wry wit with plenty of fast-paced lines as solid stand-up comedy”. According to Walther, the cabaret artist from Upper Austria “skillfully constructs stories throughout the evening that surprise and inspire in their strangeness and strangeness”. A qualified biologist draws a line from his personal relationship problems to global crises like climate change. He convinced the jury with his program full of “feathers full of punch lines of insane wit and stand-up quickness”.

John Lennon and a cow

Following “Galápagos,” Gugg will also premiere the John Lennon Tribute with Erika Pluhar on Saturday, February 4th, and the family musical “The Cow, She Wants to Go to the Movies” on Sunday, February 5th. Both shows are already sold out. But there are still tickets for the Galapagos.

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