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Guido Lötscher displays excerpts from his impressive art at SWISSARTEXPO 2022

Guido Lötscher displays excerpts from his impressive art at SWISSARTEXPO 2022

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Representing the artist with his art from August 24 to 28, 2022 at Zurich Main Station

Zurich (ptp016 / 08/08/2022 / 11:00) –

At this year’s SWISSARTEXPO August 24-28 in the halls of Zurich’s main train station, art lovers can look forward to the exciting experience of discovering a unique creation by Swiss artist Guido Lötscher.

“In painting, a consciousness unfolds that liberates and stimulates at the same time my intuition and my creative process.” Based on this personal knowledge, Guido Lötscher has created wonderful paintings that stand out for their intense colors and accents with a passionate brushstroke. Inspired by the work of Mark Rothko, the artist’s inspiration evolved into “metaphysical” color field painting, the evolution of which also led to doormat technique and abstract art.

In his works, Lötscher takes on the audacious challenge of unifying the harmony of colours, shapes, spontaneous expressions, and contemplative depths into a great whole. Lötscher succeeds in this on all levels – upon taking a closer look at his work, it quickly becomes clear that the applications of paint, scratches and layered overlays, which at first glance may seem random, are skillfully orchestrated and result in a masterful composition that gives the viewer a powerful effect that simultaneously carries a deep stillness and balance. . His spontaneous but detailed depiction transforms an impression into a work of art that the viewer can see with touch. Thus, Lötscher provides the viewer with a great creative space for individual experience and interpretation of his harmonic art.

By the way, visitors to the art gallery will search in vain for the title of his originally exhibited painting. Because this is exactly where the absolute freedom of interpretation and the unlimited imagination of an individual experience come into play. “Nicht der Name soll das Werk charakterisieren, sondern einzig sein Erscheinungsbild. Das Beste ist es, sich nicht einschränken zu müssen, keine Vorgabe zu erhalten und einfach die Sinne mlassenört in Glienz efen schünzärl Günz efenzünzänzänhärl the artist. A great experience and a great addition to the annual arts festival.

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Anyone who wants to know more about Guido Lötscher and vita is welcome to visit his website Embark on a journey of discovery and let his entire collection of artwork work on you.