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Günther Gauch is furious over the ‘WWM’ filter: ‘You’re doing everything wrong!’

Günther Gauch is furious over the ‘WWM’ filter: ‘You’re doing everything wrong!’

It was not easy for Günther Jauch with the “WWM” filter.Photo: RTL/Guido Engels


Jana Eiserbeck

After two Easter specials, Gunter Gauch went on to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Monday. Back to the agenda. But the show pushed him to his limits.

Candidate Moritz Cohn continued to chair the council after a two-week break. For €32,000, Jauch actually just wanted to know from the teacher: “The Obi department store chain got its name more than 50 years ago because the French…?” But the moderator exclaimed, instead reading “Opie came to her rat over 50 years ago.”. Jauch noticed his mistake directly. “Freud’s gaffe” apologized.

Gauche worried: “Amal won’t ask for it”

Above all, he had to smile at his mistake and announce that he would explain it right away. Mouse slip of the tongue had a reason. “I didn’t even know what was coming. But 30 years ago, I ran an event for Opie and I got to know Opie’s owner and it was Mr. Mouse and I immediately thought of him.” But then a slight panic appeared in Gautsch: “I hope it will not be ordered now accordingly.”

The teacher didn’t know what to do with the question and drew his second joker. With help from the audience, he settled on answer C “because they can’t pronounce ‘h'”.

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Moritz Cohn earned €64,000 on ‘WWM’.Photo: RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

Lucky for Josh: So the question wasn’t about Mr. Moss. It was only in the explanation that the moderator then received on his screen that Mr. Mouse actually played a role. The broker explained that he and his business partner had bought the rights to the name from French businessmen. Cohn returned home with 64,000 euros.

The filter brings despair to despair

After him, Witten’s Tatjana Broatsky-Kircher reached the council chair – and the teacher pushed Gauch to his limits during the evening. “I don’t watch TV at home,” I told the broker at first. WWM wasn’t entirely unknown to her, even if Jauch suspected otherwise during the show.

Because Browatzcki-Kircher was actually in the “WWM” audience about a year ago. At that time, her son sat on the guessing chair and received 16 thousand euros. At that time I asked him to use it as a joke over the phone, but he refused Because she doesn’t know anything.

Now she was sitting with Gauch herself and actually tried to belittle her knowledge. In the beginning, I let the moderator know how difficult and deeply piled up the questions were. Your goal: 500 euros. She did not believe at all that it would come to 16,000 euros. However, she was taught better. In the case of the €32,000 question, she even had two clowns available, which should then both be used.

attention!  The blackout period for all media is until Monday, April 17, 2023 at 11:20 PM!  Tatjana Maria Browatzki-Kircher from Witten Use of materials related to the program is permitted only with reference and link to ...

Tatjana Browatzcki-Kircher pushed Jauch to her limits.Photo: RTL/Guido Engels

After the additional Joker initially gives her a possible answer to the question “In which category can you find the youngest person honored with a Nobel Prize at the time the award is presented?” , she wanted to get this with her phone clown. Your idea: Discuss the answer already given with the joker – as much as possible in 30 seconds.

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Zuatzjoker had guessed the answer D, “Peace,” and guessed that Malala was the youngest person to be honored with a Nobel Prize.

Gunther Gauch rules ‘WWM’ nominee

Jauch did announce the previously discussed action to the phone clown – but Browatzcki-Kircher failed. Jauch even urged the candidate during the phone call to finally say the answer already given and thus secure it, but Browatzcki-Kircher simply no longer remembered the name. Instead of thinking further, she abruptly ended the conversation with her joker.

Jauch could no longer contain himself after that. He jumped up, threw his hands over his head, and looked at his candidate in bewilderment. “You’ve never seen the show!” he exclaimed angrily. He shouted at the candidate “You’re doing everything wrong!”

Browatzcki-Kircher took it easy. After all, the lady in the audience and her acquaintances on the phone had written the word “Peace”. The answer was correct, even if the derivations of the two jokes differed. When the question of 64,000 euros was asked, the candidate stopped. It was probably the best decision for Gauche’s nerves.