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2 Minutes 2 Million: The hit show is entering its tenth run

2 Minutes 2 Million: The hit show is entering its tenth run

On the occasion of the tenth birthday “Two minutes and two million.” Not only does the studio and the logo shine in a new light, but it also shines in a new first-class light Investors Anniversary Tour Sitting on chairs. Plus two new investors Barbara Mayer And Christian Jaegerthem too Heinrich ProkopAnd Katharina Schneider, Hans-Peter Hasselsteiner And Daniel Zick with you again.

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This happens in the tenth season

Also present was the granddaughter-granddaughter of the couple, who was accompanied by “pump“He revolutionized the steam engine and wants to ensure the sustainable transmission of electricity and water. Because it is assumed that the Erwin Daniel water pump transports water without any fuel consumption and generates emissions and at the same time generates electricity. In the first edition of the anniversary series is also herbs (Lower Austria, district of St. Pölten-Land) with innovative loft beds and also part of the party Norbart (Styria, Wies region) With the versatile protective cloth for children He wants to impress investors.

Who are the new investors?

With the commitment of two powerful women at #2min2mio, successful female entrepreneurs occupy two chairs for the first time. New: Actress, presenter and top model Barbara Meyer! However, Meier doesn’t just offer expertise in the fashion and media sector. Prior to her modeling career, she studied mathematics with the desire and goal of later working as a programmer. In 2008 she was appointed Ambassador for the “Year of Mathematics” by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Today, Meyer is intensely committed to education and research as well as sustainability, climate, and environmental protection.

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New investor #2 is Christian Jagger. He himself climbed a steep career ladder and created his own empire. Newcomer investor and noble entrepreneur, Christian Jäger has been demonstrating his flair for business, diligence and skill with his group of companies for 30 years. And for this he worked his way up from the bottom up: With a high school diploma after leaving school, a small amount of seed capital and a lot of drive, Jäger created something unique and earned millions of sample subscriptions.

Again: Heinrich Prokop

Mosley-millionaire Heinrich Prokop teases the investors’ tour of Square Meter’s second anniversary, and doesn’t shy away from harsh criticism: “It has been important to me to provide appreciative, but also honest feedback since the beginning of my work as an investor. The founders tolerate the truth. Rather, they have the right In it,” reveals Heinrich Prokop. And just like in the previous four seasons, the successful stuntman doesn’t mince his words that openly in anniversary season #2min2mio.

Season 10 can be watched on PULS 4 every Tuesday at 8:15 PM from April 18th! or just up ZAPPN to stream!