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GZSZ star Timur Ülker gets his spin-off series “Nihat – Everything is Beginning”

GZSZ star Timur Ülker gets his spin-off series “Nihat – Everything is Beginning”

Timur Ulker (31 years old) got his own series with “Nihad – Alice Auf Anfang”. Filming of the ten-part UFA Serial Drama starring GZSZ began Monday, May 3, 2021 in Berlin and the surrounding area. Broadcast on RTL and earlier on TVNOW is scheduled for fall 2021.

The story of “Good Times, Bad Times” is based on the most successful German daily newspaper with topics like friendship, drama, love and crime: Nihat Güney (Timur Ülker) begins to search for his origins and origins. a family. He meets a completely different world as well as some old and new comrades. The focus of the series is the “Cherry Palace” neighborhood bar. The main cast also includes Matthias Ludwig, Sarah Mangione, Maximilian Schneider and Niko Birnbaum.

Dominic Morrow, UFA Serial Drama Producer: “When I commissioned RTL and TVNOW to develop another show for GZSZ, we quickly knew that Nihat’s story provided the perfect platform for her. It was going to be emotional, exciting and, above all, exciting in“ Nihat – Alles auf Anfang ”, The audience will be able to see how Nihad leaves Kolle-Kiez in order to search for his roots: his intelligence, quick wit and unmistakable sense of humor accompanies him. Adventure in a world he had never known before.

Timur Ulker, lead actor: “When I took on the role of Nihad in the RTL series“ Gute Zeiten, Schlechter Zeiten ”, I never would have thought that this character would attract the audience in this way. Now, three years later, another dream came true to me: I would take on a lead role In a series specially developed for my character by UFA Serial Drama and the RTL Editorial Team: “Nihat – Everything at the Start.” I’m really looking forward to it and I’m going to do my best to make it happen. The production, which will be showing on RTL and TVNOW in the fall, is simply awesome! Curious! ”

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“Nihat – Alles auf Anfang” is produced by UFA Serial Drama until end of June. Dominic Morrow is the producer, and Christine Melzer is the producer. Directed by Christian Singh. Christian Ghosh is the Executive Producer of RTL, Christina Pachotsky is the Editor.