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Habeck rules out longer nuclear power plant operating times to save gas

The result of the German power grid stability test will be published in
Available in the next few weeks

German Economy Minister Robert HABIK Longer operating periods for the last three German nuclear power plants were excluded to save gas. The politician from the Green Party said on Sunday in a public debate at the German government’s open day that with the nuclear power plant still operating, gas consumption could be reduced by a maximum of 2%. “For the few we’ve won there, that’s a wrong decision.” There are other ways to save gas.

But the consensus to phase out nuclear weapons should not be unrestrained again. Another thing is the issue of the stability of the power grid, said the green politician, especially in Bavaria in winter. “That could become a problem under certain circumstances.” Even if Bavaria’s reasons are due to the lack of wind or grid expansion, the security of supply must be ensured. However, there is no test result yet.

The government has commissioned a so-called stress test for power grid operators, the results of which will be available in the next few weeks. It is examined whether it may be necessary to extend the operation of nuclear power plants in order to maintain grid stability and ensure security of supply. One factor that comes into play here is that France has taken many nuclear power plants off the grid for maintenance work, and thus they are partly supplied by Germany. France’s problem can be exacerbated in the winter, as the country also relies heavily on electricity for heating.

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