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NGO rescues more than 100 refugees in the Mediterranean

The charity Doctors Without Borders has rescued nearly 110 refugees from ordeal in the Mediterranean. The organization said that the Italian Maritime Rescue Control Center informed the crew of the ship “Gio Barents” in the Italian search and rescue area today of the boat in question. The rescued people had left Turkey five days earlier.

According to her own statements, “Gio Barents” has set a course for Italy after the bailout. The Mediterranean country is basically where aid organizations get a safe haven for rescued migrants. So far this year, the country’s Interior Ministry has counted about 50,000 people who have arrived by boat. In the same period in the previous year, there was a much smaller number around 35,000. People often go from Italy to other EU countries.

In the ongoing election campaign in Italy, immigration is an important issue, especially for right-wing parties. According to opinion polls, the alliance of the center-right with the far-right Fratelli d’Italia as the strongest force may be enough to win the general election on September 25. This could have serious consequences for the relief organization, because the party wants to prevent migrant boats from landing.

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