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Hackers attack through Slack

Hackers attack through Slack

distance Project Red CD (The Witcher) It was with electronic arts Now a second victim in the game studio of a hacker attack. The company confirmed that the attackers stole the game’s source codes and associated software tools “to a limited extent”. Bloomberg.

e-magazine Motherboard According to the hackers claim that they stole a total of 780 GB of data. Among other things, they will have the source code for the soccer game FIFA 21, API keys for upcoming titleعنوان FIFA 22 And they brought into their possession software related to Xbox and Playstation.

Warning about fake Fifa 22 versions

Blackberry software security experts have also come across offers of EA data on the dark web. In this context, they warned that hackers can gain access to many computers thanks to the stolen information. In particular, they can develop additional pre-made programs or offer Fifa 21 and Fifa 22 online themselves.

BlackBerry experts confirmed on Friday that the program can be used as a gateway ZDNet. In addition, the source code can provide information on how to secure the operator data.

Attack through Slack

EA meanwhile confirmed that no data was captured for players in the attack – and there are currently no risks to their privacy. As Motherboard reports, hackers are said to have used Slack chat software to access the data.

To do this, they purchased stolen $10 cookies containing login details and a list of EA Slack channels. So they can sign up there and contact EA IT support. They stated that they lost their cell phone at a party and thus were able to bypass EA’s two-factor authentication. In-house support sent them a login code. Hackers told Motherboard that this worked in two cases. EA confirmed the course of action.

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