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Hader's rural life in the movie “Andrea's Divorce”: Nice, oppa-shi!

Hader's rural life in the movie “Andrea's Divorce”: Nice, oppa-shi!

Joseph Hader's regional painting “Andrea Gets a Divorce” is poignant at the Berlinale. Lead actress Birgitte Minichmeier can also be seen in Berlin as Maria Lassnig.

“Please, take a pork bath,” says village police officer Andrea, appealing to her new husband Andy's common sense. “You won't get anything done!” He replied bitterly. So Andrea, who can't afford anything else, quickly pulls the car key out of the ignition. He returns to the hostel without saying a word.

Andy? He angrily rejects a friend's offer to take him home. He staggers towards the 'ham' on the dimly lit main road. “Jump, jump, jump!” The laughing men shouted to the innkeeper behind him.

Isn't it very dangerous to go home in the dark? may be. But rural areas have their own rules. If someone wants to stagger home, let them do it. Nothing will happen; The main thing is that they did not withdraw his driver's license. The fact that Joseph Hader, who was born the son of a farmer in Waldhausen, Upper Austria, knows these rules of the land is one of the many strengths of “Andrea Gets a Divorce.”

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