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Bad Vöslau: Sankt Leopold(i) – special concert about Leopold

Bad Vöslau: Sankt Leopold(i) – special concert about Leopold

Sankt Leopold (i) – Special concert about Leopold: Culture in the Castle: The Wiener Kabinet Orchestra will be a guest at the town hall in Bad Voslau on 9 November.

Bad Voslau. The Vienna Cabinet Orchestra under the direction of Sylvester Jannepa invites you to musical entertainment with the Viennese music of Hermann Leopoldi at the City Hall on Thursday, November 9 – and in the smallest possible salon orchestra lineup!
Starts at 7:30pm.

Leopoldi concert programme

Hermann Leopoldi
The audience can expect an enjoyable evening of music centered around Hermann Leopoldi. The Viennese was married at least twice, survived two concentration camps, resumed his career three times (Vienna, USA, Vienna), worked with over 70 lyricists and is considered the best in his profession! In Bad Vöslau, the “Viennese Cowboy” takes you on a road trip to Jedlersee. We dedicate Leopold(i)’s concert in Lower Austria to the great comic musician!

Vienna Cabinet Orchestra

Musicians Julia Kainz (violin) and Judith Waldschutz (double bass) together with Sylvester Janepa (accordion and Viennese singer-songwriter) form the “Vienna Orchestra”. They are known for their key music and interpretations in the smallest possible configuration for a salon orchestra.
They skillfully move through a wide range of musical styles. From “Dear Augustine” to Viennese waltzes – nothing composed in Vienna or with a connection to the city was left out of their humorous concerts.

the artist
Julia Caines, first violin and second voice
Judith Waldschutz, double voice and moderation
New Year’s Eve Janiba, accordion singer and Viennese songstress
Image source: Vienna Cabinet Orchestra

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