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Hainburg has gotten off to a rocking start to the season

Hainburg has gotten off to a rocking start to the season

At the Hainburg Haydn Society's opening concert of the season on Saturday at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg (Bruck an der Leitha district), waltzes by Lanner and Strauss can be heard as well as pieces from Viennese classical music and from the 20th century, all in a new style. voice. K+K (pictured above) stands for Kirill Kupanchenko, artistic director and principal violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and also sees itself as a tribute to the country's imperial-royal musical traditions.

A special kind of cinematic experience awaits the audience on March 16 with “Der Halter,” a film about daily life in the Alpine pastures, designed by Hannes Büchinger. Life in “Alm hinterm Brunn” in Carinthia is musically accompanied by the Pool of Invention band with live music from different eras and works by violinist and composer Florian Weltner, who also came up with the concept of choosing the music.

Diverse with famous young artists

For 43 years, the concerts given by the Heinburg Haydn Society have attracted a large number of visitors as regular audiences. Recently, many new guests have come and of course we always have to inspire them, says Beate Linke Fischer, Artistic Director of the Heinburg-Hayden Association.

“It is very important for me to present diverse and multifaceted programs presented by promising top-notch, world-famous and young artists and bands. Our audience should be fascinated by the magic of music, which is why this year’s slogan is ‘Music enchants and delights’.”

Nicole Caesar

Cellist and composer Matthias Bartolomei (third from right) played his piece “The Waves” for the first time in Hainburg, and will give a concert with his band CelloVersum on June 16

Academia Allegro Vivo – associated with the Hainburg Haydn Society for nearly four decades – will awaken memories of Slavic and Hungarian folklore on April 20 with Mozart's entertaining Divertimenti, Haydn's virtuoso Violin Concerto, and Dvorak's String Serenade with soloist Vahid Khadem Misaj.

On May 11, the small orchestra from Carinthia will take you into the world of opera, but without singing. The nine musicians introduce orchestral bells in a chamber music setting with imaginative arrangements by clarinetist Stefan Putzmann.

Music from the Renaissance to the present

Versatile cellist and composer Matthias Bartolomei stunned audiences in Haineburg in 2023 with the premiere of his work “Waves”. On June 16, he and his band CelloVersum will embark on a journey from the Renaissance to the present, focusing on the diversity of the instrument's timbres.

Small band

Leah Carelli

The mini-troupe performs the opera without vocals at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg on 11 May

On October 5th, the world-famous piano duo, Eduard and Johannes Kotterwatz, guarantees real “magical sounds” on two pianos in dialogue with the vocal ensemble Il Canto, composed of five female voices. The unique program also includes jazz-type vocal arrangements as well as pieces from the piano duo's repertoire.

In keeping with its namesake, award-winning and internationally successful young cellist, Harriet Craig from the Netherlands, will perform Joseph Haydn's First Cello Concerto on 16 November. On the podium of the Györ Philharmonia Orchestra is the famous and multi-talented Austrian conductor Martin Szegart.

On December 7, Colombian conductor Roger Díaz Cajamarca and his new band Ars Nova Musica will perform Italian Baroque music and Latin American Christmas sounds and songs. The highlight of the event will be the Christmas carol “Navidad Nostra” by Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez. .

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