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Power Beach Playlist |  Austria Energy

Power Beach Playlist | Austria Energy

When the sun tickles your skin, your gaze wanders over the blue sea and the cocktail in your hand tastes like a time-out, then it's that time again…energy and… Travel to Shawnceland Sending you on the vacation of your dreams that you deserve.

Since February 5th, we've only added HIT MUSIC to our 2024 Beach Playlist every day! Every week we give away trips to the most beautiful countries in the world to everyone who can tell us which three itineraries of the day we are looking for.

the Türkiye, Greece, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Egypt and Madeira Already waiting for you! From February 5th We put a song on our beach playlist at every one of our shows.

He listens Daily around 7 AM, 12 PM and 5 PM Look closely and connect Power phone under 0676 / 60 60 70 1 Once you know the three titles and artists you're looking for for the day.

Whoever stands on the correct line and tells us all the paths will be entered into the draw. Anna and David are drawn from all of this week's finalists every Friday Winner in Energy kick-off.

here You will find the entry conditions applicable to the competition.

here Energy.AT You also have a chance to win one Travel to Shawnceland Voucher value 1000 euros. One Another chance to win It will arrive soon Instagram.

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