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Half-Life: Lots of gameplay from the discontinued spin-off

Half-Life: Lots of gameplay from the discontinued spin-off

Half-Life is one of the most influential and best shooting series of all time. While Half-Life: Alyx was, at least once again, a new branch of virtual reality, Arkane also had a spin-off called Ravenholm in the works that never appeared. Now a lot of game scenes have appeared from this title.

While Valve has been running for a long time Half-Life: Alex Arkane, who left the Half-Life series last year as a developer, has been working on part of the franchise. This was called Ravenholm and would have had what it took to partially satisfy the long-awaited fan community and provide them with new fodder for the game.

makers insulting However, work on this spin-off was never finished and thus Ravenholm was never released. But now Noclip has highlighted a video that is over an hour and has loads of game scenes from Ravenholm ready for you. YouTube channel is known for making really excellent documentaries about video games.

The latest work shows a lot of gameplay in an hour from a developer version of the game that Arkane has prepared to present to Valve. Accordingly, the game scenes are not finished material, but you can at least make an impression of what Ravenholm could be.

In the title, you’re going to play a Lieutenant Shepherd of the opposing force who meets Father Gregory.

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