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Hamilton/Verstappen case: Hosts delay decision

Hamilton/Verstappen case: Hosts delay decision

( – Does the scene between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton from lap 48 in the Formula 1 race in Brazil have consequences, yes or no? This question should remain open for the time being. Because the hosts postponed their decision after the Qatar Grand Prix hearing (stay tuned for all the units in the free F1 live stream!).

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in a duel in the race in Brazil


This comes from a short press release. It reads: “After the hearing with representatives from Mercedes and Red Bull, the stewards are now looking into the case. The decision will be made [am Freitag] chest.”

The FIA ​​and Formula 1 did not announce any further details on Thursday. It is not yet clear whether an investigation will actually take place. Because only when the hosts agree to it “New Guide” They may decide in favor of investigating the case. Then more sessions will follow.

Lap 48, Turn 4: What Happened So Far

Hamilton and Verstappen took part in the battle for the lead on lap 48 of the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Brazil last weekend when Hamilton attempted to overtake the outside lane before Turn 4. Verstappen stayed inside, but allowed himself to get away until both drivers got off the track without changing positions.

The race management took note of the incident, but no investigation was launched by the stewards. To the alarm of Hamilton, who was informed of the situation over the radio. He simply replied, “Of course! Of course!” A little later, he successfully overtook Verstappen and won the race.

After Formula 1 released more pictures of the scene at Turn 4, Mercedes has asked to (re)investigate the situation between Hamilton and Verstappen on Tuesday after the race.

The corresponding session was held on the eve of the start of training for the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix in Lusail. Mercedes and Red Bull representatives spoke to the hosts.

How did those involved react to the situation?

Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi had previously confirmed that he and the hosts did not have all of the views on the crash available on-site in Sao Paulo. and then “could [es] According to Massey, “The additional recordings will allow a new assessment of the scene.

Punishment against Verstappen: What are the odds?

Now the commissioners are seated. You have to decide if Verstappen can face a penalty to banish Hamilton in Sao Paulo. More Formula 1 videos

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff described Verstappen’s maneuvering into Turn 4 as “absolute chaos” immediately after the race.

Hamilton himself was more diplomatic after the Grand Prix. He simply said, “I think I was up front at first, but he responded. And then we both ran out of track. Or we ran out of track and I had to run away. It’s a tough fight and I’m not expecting anything else. We didn’t touch, that’s fine.”

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Verstappen said the situation was “fair”. And: “The tires were a little worn out so the grip was really at the limit. I wasn’t quite on top, so moving further outward was a bit safer. [fahren]. “

When asked about the scene back in Qatar, Hamilton simply said: “I did [das Rennen] won. That’s how I feel about it.”