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Happy birthday link!  - Game and watch The Legend of Zelda kommt in 2021

Happy birthday link! – Game and watch The Legend of Zelda kommt in 2021

Not only Mario Celebrate a memorable birthday in the recent past too end to end and the “The Legend of Zelda”The series is already this year 35 years Old. Like his fellow plumber, he gets his own for this special day game and watchDonated by hand.

This will appear in November 12, 2021 It contains both miscellaneous-classic “The Legend of Zelda” And the “Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link” In addition to game boy-title “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”. In addition, there are two interactive clock and retro classic modified functions “vermin” With end to end in the main role.

After saving princesses from the clutches of evil reptiles at a young age and shooting myself in space with a tiny spacecraft, I was fascinated by video games. I especially love Japanese games, and I’ve always been a big fan of special consoles like Sega Saturn. Heart for strangers so to speak! When it comes to games, I adore the “Yakuza” series, cinematic adventures like “The Last of Us” and love playing the “PES” game in between. Otherwise my heart goes out to Japanese film, directors like Shion Sono, Shinya Tsukamoto or Takeshi Kitano simply deserve gold. I also like to invest my time in comics and creative work (writing, drawing…).

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