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“Happy Easter” – cut off an annoyed Oliver Glassner from interviews

“Happy Easter” – cut off an annoyed Oliver Glassner from interviews

The mixed results of Eintracht Frankfurt probably hit Oliver Glasner’s kidneys. On Holy Saturday he was twice provoked by journalists. On the Sky microphone, Upper Austria loathed asking former world champions Mario Götze after a 3-1 defeat to Bayer Leverkusen, who saw their fifth yellow card for their criticism. He said, “You want to provoke me.” When asked, he answered only: “Happy Easter” – and left.

A few minutes later in the press conference, Glassner interrupted a reporter who asked him a question about setting the table. “I will not allow myself to be provoked today. That was the case with television,” he said. “Easter is a celebration of peace. I wish you all a very Happy Easter with your families.” Then he got up.

Glassner began his statement with the words “He’s still very relieved.” Of course, in the 90 minutes before that, on the sidelines, it wasn’t clear: the coach scolded, shouted, gesticulated. When the match broke out, he sat motionless on the bench for a while, staring into space.

The head-to-head clash in Leverkusen on Saturday brought the opposite development for both teams to the extreme. It’s been a full six games since Eintracht appeared to have a comfortable 11-point lead over Bayer. But while Hessien’s side have gone just three points without a win since then, Leverkusen have gone on a 16-point unbeaten run. As a result, “Werkself” has already overtaken Frankfurt and took sixth place, which will qualify it for participation in the Europa League at the end of the season.


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