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‘Mourinho is miserable in football’: Cassano toughens up against the star coach

‘Mourinho is miserable in football’: Cassano toughens up against the star coach

Former player digging against Mourinho

120 million euros! A huge offer for star coach Mourinho

Antonio Cassano brings out the heavy artillery against Jose Mourinho. For Real Madrid, the star-coached Italian is a complete mistake.

He can’t stop making fun of today’s greatest coach. This time, Antonio Cassano found hateful words about Jose Mourinho.

Former star player real madrid explained in BoboTV About the Roma coach: “Mou f**** on football. He doesn’t like to work, he doesn’t know how to communicate or talk – let’s not be fooled by his story.”

That Mourinho though weak Champions League He won and was also named World Coach of the Year four times, leaving Cassano unimpressed.

Cassano: Mourinho should not be Real Madrid coach

For the Italian vice-European champion, the eccentric coach is also the wrong man if there is to be a change of coach at his former club Real Madrid.

“He can go back to Real Madrid then (Carlo, editor’s note) Ancelotti does not continue. But if Los Blancos wanted a manager, they wouldn’t call Mourinho for their new project.

Cassano played for Real in 2006/07, scoring two goals in 19 matches. On the other hand, Mourinho was a coach in Madrid between 2010 and 2013, and he was a champion and the Spanish Cup with the royal team.

What does Cassano have against Mourinho?

It is not yet clear if Mourinho’s dislike is related to personal reasons.


The Italian football star is confident in the success of the Portuguese, but there are persistent rumors about his return to Real Madrid for the new season.

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“I don’t know how he did this (previous, editor’s note) Get results because they are just the look. He was a great coach. But at the moment he can play for Real Madrid as well (bad, editor’s note) Train, as St. Martin’s does (Caribbean Island, editor’s note) He can train,” etched the former offensive player.

Cassano also criticized Ancelotti

it was in the past By the way, Cassano was very critical of Ancelotti. He’s often been lucky and he’s never made a better player, said the 40-year-old about a year ago.

And Mourinho? In any case, his possible interest in Real Madrid is in the dark. Apparently he has one A huge offer of 120 million euros from Saudi Arabia.