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Happy Fitness Marathon: A Day of Commitment and Hope

Happy Fitness Marathon: A Day of Commitment and Hope

There was another great day of commitment and hope at Happy Fitness in Innsbruck. More than 500 participants took part in the annual charity spinning marathon for children with cancer.

Innsbruck. The 12-hour event was marked by a strong community spirit and touching support for the Tyrol Children’s Cancer Aid. Dedicated cyclists, including veterans from last year and new enthusiasts, kept the pedals moving throughout the entire twelve hours. Their commitment and perseverance contributed greatly to achieving this So far more than 50,000 euros Collected, it represents a significant contribution to supporting pediatric cancer assistance.


One of the most prominent events of the day was the presence of the President of the Austrian Society for Pediatric Cancer Aid, Ursula MattersbergerShe enriched the event with her presence and support. “The Happy Fitness Innsbruck Charity Spinning Marathon has been running for 20 years and is an impressive example of how community and sport combine to offer hope and support to children battling cancer,” said a delighted Ursula Mattersberger. Head of the Austrian Toboggan Association And the Masters Club Marcus Brockwrestler Aker Schmid (the Iraqi athlete) has a very special story – you can learn more about it here), State Counselor Eva Paulata and Managing Director of FiB Claudia Birnbaum In honor of their support and participation.

Eight for twelve hours

A total of eight individual starters rotated during the entire twelve hours: Herbert Fossey, Konrad Bedvilla, Stefan Wanner And Sylvia Kammerhofer They were among the veterans here. This year we joined Levente Firenze, Lisa Hare, Fianna Step And Tobias Herrmann Moreover.

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A special moment

“We also had a special moment Flora Castroa spinning instructor from Rome, who traveled from Rome with five friends and has a personal story at her heart,” says Happy Fitness marketing director Stephanie Holzer. “She personally held spinning classes to show her support for this initiative. The generous support from the participants, spinning instructors and assistants was another wonderful aspect of the day. Not only did they give up their time to make this day happen, but they also donated a portion of their salaries to the charitable cause.”


The event also received tremendous support from various sponsors who not only provided food and drinks but also donated quality prizes for the raffle. All proceeds from the raffle also go to childhood cancer charities. For a nominal participation fee of €11, all participants had the opportunity to use the entire fitness center including the wellness area. They also received snacks and surprise starter bags as a thank you.

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