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Olon is pleased to present its two-year investment plan in Biotechnology Center Settimo Torinese (Italy), as part of its strategy for global growth and in-house knowledge development with a focus on biotechnology.

Milan, April 20 /PRNewswire/ The €30 million plan will be implemented over the next two years and is expected to significantly expand the capacity and expertise of the Sitimo Torines Biotechnology Centre. The center is of great strategic importance to the group’s global production network as it has the most knowledge in microbial fermentation in Europe, based on the experience accumulated over more than 50 years.

The investment supports a structured and focused plan aimed at expanding capabilities and capabilities to develop and manufacture bioengineered therapeutic peptides. Olon develops solid expertise in peptide and rDNA protein development and combines his expertise to quickly and easily produce a peptide target. The goal is to further enhance the supply to global customers in terms of complex recombinant peptides of high efficiency, repeatability and purity with high consistency.

The plan contains several parameters. The first is a production line of small-volume peptides, usually administered by injection, and to support the early clinical stages of development of new molecules that require small amounts. Part of this achievement is dedicated to Sitimo’s R&D department to enhance their ability to develop new molecules in their peptide portfolio, which will then be scaled up in site systems.

In the second step, a system designed for large quantities of peptides that are commonly used in diseases spread around the world will be developed.

The new facilities will be used to manufacture specialty products and CDMO services.

The investment will have a significant impact on employment and will entail the development of highly skilled jobs, particularly in the Quality, Control and Strategic Research departments.

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