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Harboring OOC activists within the ‘bubble’

Austria’s team at the Winter Olympics in China will make use of the outside quarters, but not in the classic form. Because these outhouses, located outside the Olympic villages, are in a large common “bubble” caused by the epidemic. The people in it have no contact with the outside world of China, including 14 ÖOC snowboarders nominated on Monday.

“Sometimes it is better for our athletes to stay in a hotel,” explained Christoph Sieber, “head of mission” for the ÖOC delegation. “Our ski hotel is close to the ski facilities.” Of course, it is only eight minutes by bus from this hotel to Zhangjiakou Olympic Village. “You can therefore also use the amenities of the Olympic Village,” Siber said, referring to Anna Jacir and Benjamin Karl & Co.

The ÖOC Sports Director also sees another advantage in “outsourcing” athletes from the Olympic Village: “Especially in Olympic Villages, it is always difficult to use a quarter assignment (room assignment, n.d.) in the best possible way. Especially at times like these, we would of course like To give everyone one room, which is not possible. In this respect, it is a relief that some athletes are able to stay in a hotel with an advantage.”

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