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Hardcore servers intensify

Hardcore servers intensify

from Sarah Petzold
After initial assumptions by the WoW Classic community that Blizzard might be planning powerful servers for the “old” World of Warcraft, new details have now emerged that confirm fans’ hopes.

What’s next for WoW Classic? Since the end of the championship season in February 2023, fans have been asking themselves this question – and they have a very specific hope: many players want a tough season, that is, servers on which the rules of the so-called Iron Man Challenge apply.

The community has long assumed that developers are already considering launching such servers. Recently, a few lines of code appeared in the WoW Patch 10.1 code on the test server that had a popup warning about choosing a strong server.

Data on powerful servers also appeared in Patch 3.4.2 and Patch 10.0.7

Data operators in WoWHead now have associated interface strings in WoW Classic 3.4.2 patch files (Buy now ) is found. Meanwhile, the Icy-Veins editors have also discovered a string in Build 48295 of WoW Patch 10.0.7 that points to hardcore servers of this type.

The fact that this data now appears in three different places in the World of Warcraft code is no longer accidental. So we can assume that the developers are already planning corresponding servers for WoW Classic in the near future.