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Riedel unveils Mediornet Horizon at IBC 2023

Riedel unveils Mediornet Horizon at IBC 2023

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MediorNet HorizoN, the new member of the MediorNet family of video infrastructure and processing devices, not only offers extensive and powerful video processing functions such as UHD up/down/cross-conversion, SDR-HDR upconversion and color correction, but also breaks the boundaries between SDI-based infrastructures The SMPTE ST 2110 with a large number of UHD gates. Through its software-based application concept, HorizoN will provide a new level of flexibility and ease of use for video networks in broadcast, entertainment, sports, enterprise and government facilities.

HorizoN comes with 16 independent, individually configurable processing engines in a single rack unit, enabling flexible processing while interconnecting baseband and IP systems. The platform offers up to 128 SDI IP gates, up to 32 channels of SDR-HDR upconversion and color correction, or up to 16 up/down/cross conversion and color correction. Basic SFP-based video I/O completes the package, making HorizoN a highly versatile solution that can handle even the toughest challenges in a modern production environment.

“As a high-density gateway and processing solution, HorizoN not only combines the ease of handling of SDI systems with the interoperability of the ST 2110, but also offers all the important processing functionality required by modern broadcast workflows,” says Patrick Mandel, Video Product Manager. , Riedel Communications. “Because these functions can be distributed across the decentralized MediorNet TDM network, HorizoN eliminates the need for external processing solutions and thus significantly reduces complexity and costs. In addition, HorizoN’s flexible licensing model enables customer-specific combinations of processing and gateway functions, so users only pay for Jobs they actually need.

“Implementing hybrid infrastructures is easier than ever,” added Drew Martin, Head of Video Product Management at Riedel Communications. MediorNet HorizoN not only allows customers to plug and play into ST 2110 infrastructures, it also provides them with an elegant way to convert band-specific SDI installations Step by step into native IP systems – at their pace and within your budget.Thanks to their application concept, these software-defined devices can easily adapt to customer needs, making them an essential component of any modern video infrastructure.

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