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Harrison Ford loses credit card in Palermo - returned by a fan

Harrison Ford loses credit card in Palermo – returned by a fan

The American actor chose the seaside resort of Mondello in Palermo to relax for a few hours. The Hollywood star was harassed by many onlookers and took refuge in a bar. In the process he lost his credit card. A fan found the card and handed it to police officers, and within minutes the police managed to return the card to its owner. The head of the police station is Manfredi Borsellino, son of Judge Paolo Borsellino, who was killed in a mafia attack in 1992.

Parts of “Indiana Jones 5” are currently being filmed in Cefalu, Sicily, a well-known seaside resort near Palermo, and in the city of Syracuse. An amazing chase through the tunnels in the Manyachi Castle was also recorded there, which, with amazing effects such as explosions, smoke and gunfire, served as the backdrop for many scenes between the mainland and the sea. In order to make filming possible, the entire lake area around the castle was sealed off.

“An extraordinary advertisement for our wonderful city”

“The shooting of the new Indiana Jones movie is a tremendous opportunity for our region. 800 people are working in the production. The fact that our wonderful city is so prominent in this film is an extraordinary advertisement for us,” commented the mayor of Syracuse, Francesco Italia, when visiting the filming location. Film production company Eagle Pictures has booked several luxury villas and hotel rooms on the island.

Some scenes of the new movie were filmed in the Archaeological Park of Syracuse with ancient Greek and Roman ruins. “I think there’s no better place than this to make an Indiana Jones movie,” said Carlo Staffel, director of the archaeological park. After filming, Harrison Ford allowed himself to tour the city and visit several restaurants famous for their fish specialties.

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The story of the new Indiana Jones is still top secret. This time it was directed not by Steven Spielberg, but by James Mangold (Logan). Indiana Jones 5, whose official title has yet to be announced, is set to hit theaters in the United States on July 29, 2022.

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