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HASCO with innovations at FAKUMA 2023

HASCO with innovations at FAKUMA 2023

HASCO will present its new and additional developments in the fields of Mold Base and Hot Runner from October 7 to 21, 2023 Fakuma. Thanks to 100% standard parts and hot working experience, HASCO offers its customers individual solutions to all challenges of modern moldmaking.

Under the slogan “Digitization Meets Standardization”, new and interesting developments from the Mold Base and Hot Runner fields will be showcased at FAKUMA. | Photo: Hasco

Easy to use tools Modern home pageThe new HASCO app, CAD updates and other digital services simplify daily work.

mold path

HASCO’s innovative mold path system is an intelligent solution with precise internal localization technology for the injection molding tooling sector. The system enables precise tracking and real-time localization of injection molds as well as digital networking of processes. With the new mold path, HASCO offers a smart and innovative solution and once again sets the standard with increasing digitalization in the world of mold making.

Mold base technology

Further development of HASCO sheet software provides mold makers with the greatest possible flexibility in the production of injection molding tools. The range of non-perforated and perforated boards has been expanded to include more than 1,500 new dimensions in new shape sizes and thicknesses.
In the demoulding area, additional sizes complement the wide ejector range. The focus is on high-quality HSS material, which has higher temperature resistance and strength. The service life can be extended and tool maintenance costs greatly reduced. New snug-fit guide elements for easier installation and a tighter fit in mold plates increase process reliability. The new NSF-approved chemical agents can be used very economically due to their high effectiveness and are very environmentally friendly due to their completely synthetic components.

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Hot runner technique

As the world’s first manufacturer of additively manufactured hot runner technology, HASCO Hot runner once again introduces new 3D printed hot track components this year. New Shadowfree technology eliminates flow shadows in valve gate systems and enables up to 40% faster color changes in the hot runner. Expansions of the single-shot program with solid nozzle tips as well as single-shot torpedoes and hot torpedoes increase the application possibilities of this nozzle series several times. Innovative connector inserts enable quick, space-saving connection of power/signal connectors to the die. Modern control technology simplifies control of hot racers.