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Reorganization – Gmünd: Change of ownership in leading fiber optic company NBG

Reorganization – Gmünd: Change of ownership in leading fiber optic company NBG

As reported several times, an economically challenging 2022 has led to the start of operations at NBG Holding Group, which has now also led to a change in ownership. The company, which is based at the Access Industrial Park in Gmund, says it is embarking on a successful path to reorganization – with a record backlog of orders in its core business, the production of strong steel tubes (“fibers in metal tubes”) into fine glass fibres. Be embedded in branches. This success is due “not only to the strict restructuring management of the management, which has been in operation since the end of 2022, but in particular to the commitment of all NBG employees.”

Staff will be increased with new shareholders. The goal of the company’s management and the new owners after the change of shareholders – the law firm Domfarth Klausberger in Linz and Siscon on the management consultant Wolfgang Fuchs – is to create sustainable stability for the employees and the company: “This includes securing the number of jobs and expanding production is of paramount importance.

Against this background, sensors are constantly being placed for new employees in the production area. There is also a need for highly specialized technicians for research and development, managing director Tom Seidel tells NÖN of the search for “at least three to five shift workers.” NBG Group currently employs 96 people, 80 of whom work in the pipe factory.

NBG insurance as an “important economic factor and catalyst.” The owners and management want to keep NBG in Gmünd as an “important and stimulating economic factor” and lead it into the future. To ensure this, various options for partnership between the holding company and strategic investors or financial investors are currently being studied.

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