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Hate against the new 'Supertalent' jury: That's what Chantal Janzin says

Hate against the new ‘Supertalent’ jury: That’s what Chantal Janzin says

How are you Chantal Janzin Dealing with criticism? It started last week super talent Not only with the new season, but also with a completely new jury. instead of Dieter Bohlen (67) and co. are now taking Ehrlich brothers and designer Michael Michalsky (54) Space behind the desk – also Chantal Janzin Candidates will be evaluated. The public has abandoned this innovation so far But not convinced. Now the Dutch woman has commented on the hatred against the new cast of the show.

In an interview with picture The 43-year-old was understanding. “If you’ve been doing a show with the same people for a long time, the audience will get used to it”The presenter explained. A cabinet reshuffle can quickly lead to resentment: “If you change this composition without asking the public, the public can ask: ‘Hey, where are our employees?’ “In this case, it is a lot more than just an exchange of people. “But the look has been completely changed: completely new jurors and supervisors,” the blonde confirmed.

Your new role sees itself Chantal Fully grown. As a musician, dancer and singer, she has the necessary sympathy for the candidates. “It’s very brave when you appear in front of the camera because you are so weak on stage. As a juror, you should always keep that in mind”The actress confirmed.

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The Ehrlich Brothers, Riccardo Simonetti, Michael Michalsky and Motsi Mabuse in “Das Supertalent”
Chantal Janzen, Dutch broadcaster
Chantal Janzen in Hamburg, 2015