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Have space agencies brought in microbes?

Have space agencies brought in microbes?

NASA and its partners likely brought microbes to Mars during both missions. They should mutate quickly there.

The basics in brief

  • Christopher Mason is convinced that NASA brought microbes to Mars.
  • “It’s almost impossible to get zero biomass in a spacecraft,” he says.
  • According to the biochemist, this should also have consequences for research projects.

There is supposed to be life on the red planet. Completed about 30 missions since the beginning space travelAge of Mars. And that could have consequences: According to biochemist Christopher Mason, various space organizations have inadvertently brought life to the planet.

Mason wrote it in another guest in «BBC». The NASA and associates In many missions It brought a certain number of microbes. “It’s almost impossible to get zero biomass in a spacecraft,” says Mason.

Microbes on Mars are morphing fast

This can also lead to miscalculation Lead in space agencies. It is likely that the brought microbes will transform and adapt to the new living conditions. It happened on the International Space Station, among other places. And for that NASA It will look like new living things.

But there are ways to determine the exact origin of microbes: “Information about the origin will be hidden in the DNA sequence,” says Mason.

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