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HC Innsbruck won against its guest, VSV, 3-2

HC Innsbruck won against its guest, VSV, 3-2

The Tyroleans narrowly but deservedly won the red-white-red ICE duel against VSV 3-2. Top scorer Kevin Roy scored the decisive goal in the final third.

the HC Tiwag Innsbruck He appears to have recovered well from the dramatic exit from the Champions Hockey League. In the 24th round of the league Win2day Ice Hockey League The Tyrol team celebrated a narrow 3-2 victory over its visitors EC iDM VSV heat pumps. Villach remained inoffensive for long periods of the match and have now lost four of their last five matches.

Completely different Kevin Roy: High’s top scorer scored the winning goal in the final third. “We had a good mentality. That was the day Three really important pointsRoy said after the match in an interview with Martin Pfanner on PULS 24.

Villach’s first goal

Robert Sabulich tested the Sharks’ aluminum in the second minute, and Jordie Green had to leave just seconds later Jean-Philippe Lamoureux Give up. You made it better Blaz Tomazevic In the seventh minute: The Slovenian gave Villach the cold lead after a huge mistake from the HCI defence.

After the Innsbruck team – who wore special Christmas jerseys for charitable causes – had more than twice as many shots on target in the first half, they were rewarded for it in the 24th minute: Luke bear Stangl’s sharp pass and somehow cheats the puck its way past Lamoureux.

Hydrochloric acid

HCI in a special Christmas costume.

Innsbruck on the trigger

HCI had the upper hand for long periods of the game. Head coach team Mitch O’Keefe He repeatedly tried to make his way into the opponent’s box very quickly. VSV goalkeeper Lamoureux was mainly responsible for the equalizer, which lasted more than 30 minutes. his counterpart, Ivan beutenhuiswas intermittently examined by the inhabitants of Carinthia.

Minute 37: Innsbruck’s deserved lead: another quick attack from the “Sharks”. Nathanael Herbert, who helped VSV make it 1-0 with his blunder, Lamoureux dances with skill. However, Villach responded quickly in the 38th minute: sign Katic With his first goal of the season – he passed between Buitenhuis’ legs.

Roy with the decision

Innsbruck came out of the locker room lively again at the start of the final period and repeatedly fought back to get good chances from the slot. Then the 44th minute: Villach was very quiet in his area and was top of the scorers list Kevin Roy He hits the puck under the crossbar to make the score 3:2. Despite the latest phase of pressure from the Adlers, nothing should change about the Tyrolean side’s home win.

The ICE League Ice Hockey Summit continues on Tuesday. Then view and Gwen Live broadcast from 6:55 PM Free live broadcast of the first match between EC Red Bull Salzburg And Hydro Feather AV19. And on Sunday follows 24 PULS Gwen Live from 5:05pm Austrian duel between previously disappointing duelist spusu vienna capitals Surprisingly Pioneers of Bemir Vorarlberg.

win2day ice hockey league (day 24)
HC TIWAG Innsbruck – EC iDM VSV 3:2 heat pumps (0:1, 2:1, 1:0)
TIWAG Arena (Innsbruck), crowd: 2000, SAR: Bernecker, Nikolic, Wimmler, Seewald

0:1 (VII) Tomazevic
1:1 (24) Bear
2:1 (37) Herbert
2:2 (38) Catek
3:2 (44) Roy

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