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Balance 1 – Seven projects were established in the Vienna Forest Participatory Area

Balance 1 – Seven projects were established in the Vienna Forest Participatory Area

15 people interested in the Vienna Forest Participation Area recently gathered in Gablezer Glashall to take a look at the ideas and projects that have been pursued since the joint conference at the beginning of May in Sigartskirchen. At that time, more than 60 people came together to find activities that they could also do together themselves. Through two keynote speeches on the theme of nutrition and agriculture and eleven thematic agendas, project ideas were developed, and volunteers continued to follow up on some of them.

Work continued on seven ideas and projects – on a volunteer basis. The founding of the new nature and animal protection group Sieghartskirchen was celebrated with the participation of 14 members. Above all, the antelope rescue campaign was discussed here shortly before the meadows were mowed, and will also be followed up. A survey on mobility in Sigartkirchen was also conducted; The plan aims to create an association similar to the one in Gablitz, to support a sustainable mobility solution.

New interested parties were found for some projects that were already underway, such as Regionalwert AG, the “Dance of Parts” interest group for building materials recycling or the “Healthy Soil” interest group. Solawi Gartengrün developed a new flyer based on the feedback received at the participatory conference. Another result is the organization of the Reform Café in Purkersdorf once a month since January 2023.

The focus is on the joy of doing things

Bernhard Haas, spokesman for the Mittmacht region, is happy with this result and adds: “We always welcome interested people who no longer want to wait for others and want to enhance their self-efficacy in various self-organized groups. In each of our activity groups, the emphasis is on enjoying what you do. Live Participatory area with people wanting to design their own living space to some extent. Respect for other ideas and styles and a clear lack of bias are our fundamental concerns so that we can move forward together happily – for a good future for us and our children.

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The next meeting is scheduled to be held in the spring of 2024, then with a focus on “energy and motivation.” You also want to think about how you can stay motivated over the long term, overcome frustration and win over other colleagues.

Regional activists in the harvest workshop were also supported by colleagues from Pressbaum, Neulingbach, Vienna and even Klagenfurt. A home-cooked lunch together provided a great space for exchange and connection.

The Vienna Woods Participatory Area is part of the project “100 Participatory Areas in German-Speaking Countries”: Make your region future-proof and be part of the participating region (